David B. Goldstein is a professor of genetics at Columbia University and the CEO of Actio Biosciences. He is the author of “The End of Genetics: Designing Humanity’s DNA” (2022).
I had the pleasure to be commisioned by Noema Magazine to be part of the last printed issue with 2 illustrations representing his last article "Why It’s Time To Uncover The Surprises Hiding In Our DNA"
1st Representation.
Branch with different DNA on each leaf and flower.
We see unusual shapes, textures and color combinations, representing the infinity of variations that our DNA may have in the future
I used procedural and deformation techniques to shape the flowers and have more creative control in their creation.
Love this one because reminds me a fruit of my country :), the red one is just the possible alien variation :}
(i was born in venezuela).
2nd Representation.
Deconstructed face, where translucent, colorful and organic forms, shape the face of a “human” who allude the creation of new kind of people and genetic classes.

Symmetry was the foundation on this illustration. First, i sketch the "face" with organic shapes, then, i was able to add colorful flowers and weird natural and organic stuffs.
Printed issue!
This last illustration was featured in Noema's top artwork of 2022
Read the full article here
Thank you!
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