TIGOUT - My pastry chef.
For this project had the pleasure to debut as an art director with the awesome team at Plenty.
Also doing animation, simulations, 3D design and implementing new techniques for me such as photogrammetry.
we work with a small team for this project but had a lot of fun learning new techniques and eating all the muffins before they got digital :)



Final video

Executive Creative Director: Mariano Farias & Victoria Sanchez
Executive Producer: Clara Etcheverry 
Production coordinator: Clara Etcheverry
Director: Luis Lopez
Art Director: Luis Lopez
Design: Luis Lopez, Mauro Bressan
3D Animation: Luis Lopez
Shading and lighting: Luis Lopez, Mauro Bressan, Daniel Rivas
Simulations: Luis Lopez
Lead compo: Max Lagraña
Music & Sound Design: Jesus Mucci
Locution: Jonah Schwartz

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