With the awesome team of plenty we came through this beautifull project where I had the pleasure to recreate a "Digital Twin" city for Siemens, in his 175th anniversary video.

Early process.

Some of the assets used in the city.
Low Poly buildings and structures were the foundation of the architechture.

Distribution was crucial to achieving a proper sense of "city" in the shot.
And to optimize the scene, the only way was using the scattering tool and proxys.
Process Frame Shot
Final Shot

For the final compositing, it was necesary few VFXs as particle simulations, Tilt focusing, and Glow, a lot of Glow :)
The final Compo of the shot was lead by Max Lagraña using Nuke.
And particle simulations where generated by me in X-Particles.

Final video
Thanks for Watching!
Final video Art Directed by Natalia Ramadori.
All credits in Plenty.tv
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